Email Marketing Explained: How It Works


What Is Email Marketing Used For?

Email Marketing is a great way to sell products online and to keep in touch with your current customers. It’s a great way to attract potential customers, build a relationship with them, earn their trust, and turn them into buyers.
People that visit your website usually stop once, browse a little and never return again. Email Marketing is a great way to get these people’s email addresses so you can have many more opportunities to turn them into happy customers after they leave your website. Offering a free item from a sidebar ad is the most common way to get people’s email addresses and attract potential customers interested in the type of products you sell.
Email Marketing is also a great way to keep your current customers interested in all of your products, keep your brand name alive, and introduce them to all of your new products. Many customers you get through Email Marketing will become repeat buyers, so putting in some time and effort to earn their trust will be well worth it.

Email Marketing Setup Overview

The main part of Email Marketing is building a “List.” Your “List” will contain email addresses of “Leads,” or potential customers. Then every few days or so you will send out an email to everyone on your “List.” The email you send out will promote your product(s), and hopefully, you will make a few sales. You can fully automate building a list and sending out emails with online software called an “Autoresponder Service.”
Once you set up the “Autoresponder” you won’t have to do a thing. It will automatically add people to your list, send them a thank you email, take them through a series of offers and back to your website. Everything is fully customizable to suit your business needs. After a person is added to your list, the Autoresponder will automatically send them a series of scheduled “follow up” emails every few days or so. The series of emails you write and send are sometimes called “swipes.” Over time your list will get bigger, the bigger your list gets, the more money you’ll make.


How Do I Build My Email Marketing List?

If you send out product offers to just random email addresses, you won’t get alot of sales because many people just won’t be interested in what you’re selling. So how do you find people that are interested specifically in your product (“targeted leads”), and then get them to give you their email address or join your email list? It may sound hard to do but It’s a lot easier than you may think.

Just create an ad giving away something for free, like an ebook, how-to videos, software, or a weekly newsletter of helpful information. You can put your free offer ad on the sidebar of your website, post it in social networking groups related to your products, and on your own social networking pages.

When people respond to the ad to get the free item, they will give you their email address to receive the item. Now that you have their email address, you have a way to continuously advertise your products to this person, and multiple chances to turn this prospect into a customer. This is a great way to capture people who would otherwise slip through your fingers, leaving your website forever.

Everyone loves FREE stuff, especially if it’s something they “want or need.” Give away something that would help them, something they can really use, something they “want and need.” Make sure your free item is closely related to your products. If they like the freebie, they will probably like your products too and make a purchase from the email offers you send to them. This is how you attract people interested in your type of products, called “targeted prospects,” the people most likely to make a purchase. By using similar or closely related freebies and products, you are attracting people that are the most likely to be interested in your products, and you’re maximizing your chances of making sales.


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